3 Innovative Graphic Design Artists You’ll Adore

It’s difficult to avoid being bombarded by images in your day to day life. Social media platforms are layered with imagery (and some – such as Instagram – are nothing but images). Visual adverts flash on your devices, throughout your favorite television programs and around the built environment you wander through each day. Even if you decide to tune out and stay at home, the packaging of your food wants your attention, the covers of books and magazines, not to mention any art or photos that you personally chose to hang on the walls of your home!

We make this rather paranoid observation to illustrate that there is a lot of imagery competing for our attention these days and so it takes something truly novel to make us stop and pay attention. Sticking with this month’s theme of innovation, we went in search of innovative graphic design artists who have made us do just that: stop and appreciate what they’re doing. They each bring a special flair to the imagery they create whether it’s surreal and beautiful takes on our natural world, playful reimagining of contexts, or inventive melding of different visual elements.

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Innovative Graphic Design Artists You’ll Love

Sha’an d’Anthes (Furry Little Peach)

Sha’an is a local artist based here in Sydney who thinks of herself as a stroyteller and describes her own style as “whimsical”. We certainly can’t think of a more fitting description for her beautiful techinique that captures our existing world in a fantastical manner.

Sha’an is a personal favorite of Blrt’s own superstar designer, Chloe, who points to this Tumblr post as an ongoing inspiration to chase her own dreams as an artist:


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Peter Stults

Peter is an artist and illustrator based in New York who has a nostalgic heart when it comes to movies. His work has been featured by Time Out Magazine in New York and London (covers of both) but our favorite efforts of his are his reimagined movie posters.

We’re not talking about different takes along the same theme, either. Stults designs posters for todays movies as if they had been made in a previous cinematic era – different director, different stars, and an entirely different aesthetic. If you’re a fan of cinema at all, you will find something in his portfolio that will make you nostalgic for a movie that doesn’t exist and that is truly great design.

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Juri Zaech

Zaech is a Swiss artist working out of Paris who is working some clever magic with words and typefaces, including a series in which he adapted the names of his friends into the frames of bicycles.

He also creates typefaces designed to be stacked and layered in order to create any number of striking and unique combinations. Innovative graphic design that is flexible and infinitely remixable? Yeah, we like Juri’s style.

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What will you create?

It was pretty easy for us to come up with this list as these artists inspire us daily and we reckon that’s the mark of truly great art: inspiring others to create. Blrt is made for creative people like you, allowing you to collaborate in a shared space without the need to be in the same place at the same time.

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