Blrt unstoppable in Antarctica

Leaving behind the sun soaked beaches of Australia and venturing right into the heart of the icy waters of Antarctica, we are traveling half way around the world to showcase the applications of amazing Blrt technology.

We are joining forces with 111 Australian entrepreneurs on a unique entrepreneurial expedition to Antarctica. This think tank experience, brainchild of Australian serial entrepreneur Julio De Laffitte has been named ‘Unstoppables’ and aims to generate new business solutions to tricky world problems by putting a diverse group of entrepreneurs through a unique and remote experience .

During the 11 day adventure, Blrt will help connect these entrepreneurs with the rest of the world without the need to use too much of the exorbitant $2/MB satellite data available around Antarctica. They will be able to send video-like content around their experiences and resulting collaborations at up-to 50 times less bandwidth consumption than conventional videos.

Antarctica, due its remote location is not the best hotspot for internet availability. Internet being highly expensive, unreliable and slave to erratic weather conditions, sending videos will be out of the question.

Our Blrt team in Sydney will convert these Antarctic Blrts to videos as they come in so that they can be uploaded on YouTube, and share on social media. Now penguins and seals will not be the only ones to witness this unique business expedition!

Keep an eye on our rolling updates page over the next two weeks to be first to view these Blrts from Antarctica.

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