Blrt’s Best Business Travel Tips

Staying productive while traveling isn’t easy to pull off, even under the very best of circumstances. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce potential headaches (be they literal or figurative). Read on for our best business travel tips – they’re sure to keep you healthy, connected and productive no matter how far from home you roam.

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Business travel tips for your health

Getting sick while you’re traveling is miserable – you’re away from your own bed, your teddy bear, your loo and also the person who generally dispenses sympathy and cups of tea when you fall ill at home. Fortunately, there are several tactics to help you avoid it.

Drink loads of water

Business Travel TipsA recent study showed that dehydration and tiredness can produce the same effects as mild intoxication! That’s certainly not what you want when you finally leave the plane and launch yourself into an unfamiliar environment while juggling 72 kilos of luggage and a stuffed llama.

If the hosties are a little slow on the water bearing, get down to the back of the plane and help yourself. Of course if you’re traveling first class, dehydration is not one of your problems and intoxication-like symptoms will quite likely have been caused by all the Bolly you’ve drunk.

Get some hand sanitiser and some saline nose drops

Use both regularly throughout your trip but especially often while you are on the plane. Apply hand sanitiser before you go to the bathroom and again after you have returned to your seat. Even if you wash your hands a lot, whack some on when you’re thinking of it, just to be sure.

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Same with the nose drops – they keep the lining of the nose moist and therefore less susceptible to infection caused by the very dry plane air.

Set your watch to your new timezone as soon as you board

Business Travel TipsTo combat the sheer fatigue involved in long-range travel through multiple time zones, trick your body into thinking it’s in the time zone of your destination by resetting your watch to that time as soon as you’re on the plane.

If that means you’re supposed to be asleep then slug back a little cough medicine, read some Tolstoy or The Economist, and it’ll be lights out for you before long.

Watch what you eat and drink

Avoid junk-food and street vendors (at least until after your important meetings) because nothing can put the kibosh on a presentation like diarrhoea. Ask for your drinks to be served without ice and use bottled water for brushing your teeth.

Business travel tips for staying connected

There’re few things worse than struggling to stay in touch with your family and your team while you’re travelling. Before you know it, homesickness has set in, your colleagues have forgotten you exist and they’ve started marauding your desk for your stationery. Meanwhile you’re losing touch on important projects and the work is piling up.

Never fear though – staying connected is easy with the right tools.

Research your phone and data options before you leave

Business Travel TipsIn the flurry of pre-departure preparation, it can be super tempting to leave your everyday SIM card in your phone and just go about your merry way. This seems to work fine right up until the moment when your boss has to sign off your expenses and you present her with a $7,258 phone bill that you racked up over just four days (mostly through your Instagram addiction).

Instead, Google the telcos at your destination and check out their pre-paid SIM cards until you find yourself a good deal and pick one up when you arrive at the airport. If your trip involves multiple destinations, then do the same research among your local telcos. A lot of them have pre-paid cards that are good to take travelling.

Keep projects moving with Blrt

Your absence – especially when it’s complicated by a difference in time zone – can make it really hard to keep important projects moving along. This is where a fantastic collaboration tool like Blrt can be invaluable.

Blrt was designed to recreate the experience of being in a face to face meeting, which means that all the things you’d normally do in a face to face meeting – like talking about documents, and drawing and pointing over them – can be done using Blrt to record your thoughts and instructions.

The Blrt recordings you create can be exchanged with one or more people, who can all join the conversation and make replies. Because Blrt doesn’t rely on people to be available at the same time, it literally doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. You can view a Blrt and make a response while others are sleeping, and they can view your response when its convenient for them.

To find out how Blrt works, just hit this link.


Set yourself reminders

Business Travel TipsWhen you’re out of your normal groove and you’re rushing from meeting to meeting, it can be easy to forget important things that are happening back at home.

Before you leave, or on the plane, collect your thoughts and write down all the stuff that you don’t want to miss, whether it’s someone’s birthday or your little one’s bed time, and pop it in your diary as a reminder. That way you’ll remember to call, or if the time zones aren’t aligning, you can make them a Blrt and send it ahead of time.

Create yourself an office space

No matter whether it’s in your hotel room, the local coffee shop or the library. Find a place that allows the least amount of distractions for you and plant yourself there for a period of time each day to get the critical stuff done.

If you’re easily distracted (oooh look! It’s a monkey riding an elephant!), take your headphones with you and slip into the zone with some Mozart playing. Classical music is good for regulating your brainwaves (that may not be the correct scientific terminology but trust me, it works).

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General Business travel tips

When travelling for business, there are lots of other little things that may not seem obvious and important before you leave but which can take on gargantuan importance at very inopportune moments. This last section is made up of some other smart tips that will help keep you sane and safe.

Invest in noise cancelling headphones

Business Travel TipsNot only are the ones issued by the airline of dubious quality, they can also be of dubious cleanliness. So if you don’t want to visualise other people’s cooties marching down your ear canal but you do want to drown out the duelling siblings in row 32, it’s worth investing in a set.

Tip: Do this ahead of time – you won’t be able to grab them in duty-free as the hostie screams your name through the PA system 12.4 seconds before your flight is supposed to take off.

Putting a lock on your case can be pointless

Zippers on bags can be popped open without you even knowing it’s been done, using just a ball-point pen. The security breach that has allowed the perpetrator to suss out your undies can be covered up by dragging the locked zipper pulls back around the bag to close them up, just like this.

If you want to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, there are a few options:

1. Travel light and take your luggage as carry-on.

2. Get your bag wrapped (or do the DIY version with cling film!)

3. Use luggage straps (position them on each side of the locked zipper pulls)

4. Go zipperless (yes, I know that sounds vaguely rude, but it’s hard to say any other way).

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Remove your old flight tags

Frank Sinatra used to joke that his luggage was far better travelled than he was but when you’re on a business trip, lost baggage is no laughing matter.

Now this tip seems obvious but according to one thread on Reddit, the reason some bags don’t make their flight or are misrouted is because passengers haven’t removed the old tags. It not only confuses baggage handlers, it also confuses conveyor belt scanners.

Buy a loud suitcase

Business Travel TipsBy this we don’t mean one with built-in speakers, we mean one that’s a unique colour. You’ll spot them more easily on the conveyor, they are easier to describe if they get lost, and thieves who snatch luggage from carousels and piles at train stations avoid them because they’re very recognisable on CCTV.

Need some help packing that suitcase? There’s a Blrt for that.

Be diligent with your expense receipts

Take a stack of envelopes with you and allocate one to each day you’re away. Place your receipts and any business cards you collect each day in that day’s envelope. This will help you keep track of what and who is what and if you used a corporate credit card, this is likely the order in which your purchases will be listed on your statement, which will make it much easier to reconcile.

Make a note on the back of each receipt: what was the business purpose, who was with you, etc. If your receipt was printed on thermal paper and it has faded, try holding it at arms length and blowing it gently with a hair dryer. The heat from the hair dryer can restore the ink enough to read the details again but be super careful – too much heat will kill it permanently.

Buy a local paper

When you venture out of your hotel room each day, pick up and carry a copy of the local paper. Carrying a newspaper makes you look a bit more like you belong in your surroundings, which can make you seem less conspicuous and thus less of a target for dodgy characters, hawkers and tuk-tuk drivers. It’s also a good place to hide your map of the city.

Depending on its language, attempting to make head or tail of it might keep you amused when you’ve got time to kill and you might actually learn something (even if you can’t read it) just by looking at the pictures.

Please note that the camouflage benefits are negated by the wearing of a Hawaiian shirt.

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Your best business travel tips

Obviously this blog post could go on and on but we’re more interested in your business travel tips.

Do you have any to share with us? We’d love to hear them! Email us or send us a Blrt at [email protected]!

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