Bounce yourself happy at Sky Zone Alexandria Trampoline Park

When someone tells you to go jump, it’s generally not a good sign, unless of course they’re shouting you to a fun-filled afternoon at Sky Zone Alexandria. Recently, Team Blrt went there for our end of year party, and even though we’re all (mostly) grown-up, we had a ridiculous amount of fun.

In case you’re wondering, Sky Zone Alexandria is a huge indoor trampoline park in Sydney, with scores of trampolines, many of which are connected to form a single mega-trampoline that actually enables you to jump off the walls. Also located at Sky Zone Alexandria is a separate area called Sky Climb, which has ten different climbing challenges for the brave of heart. Not only is it a great place to have a team-building session, it’s also perfect for acting out your Spiderman fantasies, or for school holiday activities. There is fun to be had for kids of all ages, from two to 82.

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So – what happens at Sky Zone?

Upon arrival, you check in at the front desk and choose your session type. All sessions run for an hour, and you can either jump only, climb only, or if you’re feeling energetic, you can buy a double Sky Zone + Sky Climb two-hour session so you can jump and climb. With your session fee, you get a special pair of socks which have grippy little rubber patches on the bottom (which you get to take home with you for next time, or for continuing on with your Spiderman adventures in the comfort of your own home). After checking in, paying and donning your socks, you’re off. I highly recommend starting in the jumping section, just to get the laughs flowing.

Leaping about in the Stratosphere

The question is, where to start? At Sky Zone Alexandria, there are four zones in the jumping area – The Stratosphere, The Wall, The Pit and The Dodgeball Zone. There’s so much to do, you have to remember to keep an eye on the time, because you could easily spend an hour in each zone, when in reality you have 15 minutes. We kicked off in the Dodgeball Zone, where we got to practice our Michael Jordan impersonations, making jump shots and slam dunking as though we could fly – which is great for your ego when you’re considerably less than six feet tall.

We then moved on to The Stratosphere, which is half a football field of trampolines butted up to each other so you can half run, half jump around from trampoline to trampoline, making you feel like you’re in an anti-gravity environment. And then you laugh a lot, and then you jump some more. The Wall Zone is for the serious jumper, so if you fancy yourself as an athlete, a daredevil, a parkour enthusiast, or a thrill-seeker, it’s the place to test your mettle. If you’re not so game to try getting horizontal yourself, its a great place to sit back, take a breather and admire the skills of the other jumpers – or covertly laugh at the attempts of the less-gifted.

Finish your jumping session off in ‘The Pit’, a row of trampolines set up in front of a swimming pool filled with stunt-man style foam blocks, which you can flip into, dive into, fall into or bomb into and disappear. Most of the energy in this zone is expended through fits of giggles as you attempt to find your feet and extract yourself in readiness for the next stunt manoeuvre. Team Blrt spent a good five minutes of our time in this zone throwing foam blocks at the boss to impede his exit. Luckily he saw the funny side so no-one got fired. Yet.

Next stop: The big Sky Zone Sky Climb.

Sky Zone AlexandriaAfter catching your breath for five or so minutes (assuming you haven’t opted to retreat to your couch or a Radox bath), it’s time to go and get briefed on the Sky Climb, and rig up in your safety harness. The minimum climbing age is five years, but there’s an observation area where the littler ones can sit and see everything that’s going on, and still feel like they’re part of the action. Within Team Blrt, there is a wide variety in our levels of…. um… shall we say athleticism, so it’s great that Sky Zone has ten separate climbing challenges. These are all graded and themed differently, right down to the fifteen types of hand grips and the level of difficulty for the climber, making it a fun environment regardless of your skill level.

One of the most unusual challenges is the Eskylator – a spiral of stepping-poles that get taller as you advance around the spiral, stepping from one to the next. At the end you can choose to climb back down, or belay yourself to ground-level, using Sky Zone’s auto-belay braking system, which makes you feel as safe as houses, even if you are a looooong way off the ground.

If you still haven’t tapped out on the adrenaline front, for a small extra charge, you can also take on the Leap of Faith or the Sky Drop. The Leap of Faith involves you climbing up to a platform and leaping across a chasm of a couple of metres to clutch, monkey-style, a big foam tube that kind of resembles a boxing bag which is suspended, pendulum-like, eight metres above the ground. While you’re recovering from your cardiac arrhythmia, you’re lowered gently by a Sky Zone staff member to the ground to recover the use of your legs (and change your underwear if necessary). The Sky Drop is only slightly less daunting, and calls for daredevil of the moment to hold a trapeze-style bar while being winched up a sharp slippery-dip-like slope. When you reach the top, you are, of course, expected to have the nerve to actually let go, and hurtle luge-like back down the slope.

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The verdict on Sky Zone.

What a blast! Every member of Team Blrt had an exceptional time at Sky Zone Alexandria and have all sworn to return. We consider it to be a great venue for school holiday activities and the starting price of $18 for a session of either jumping or climbing is pretty reasonable. All in all, it’s a great morning or afternoon out, and given that it’s sure to run the kids out of steam for a little while, it’s sure to be a favourite venue for parents too. Get out there, have fun, and drop us a Blrt at [email protected] to tell us all about it.

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