CeBIT Australia 2016 Recap From Team Blrt

Team Blrt were excited to take part in CeBIT Australia 2016 earlier this month. The three-day event is a highlight on the Blrt calendar and this year was no exception to that rule.

CeBIT Australia 2016

This year marked the 15th anniversary of CeBIT Australia and attendance was estimated to be north of 15,000. We certainly had our fair share of visitors at the Blrt booth, giving us the opportunity to spread the Blrt gospel to hundreds of business owners, managers, students and general technology enthusiasts who are looking to deploy Blrt in creative ways.

We even had visits from a few VIP, including New South Wales Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello:

CeBIT Australia 2016 Recap From Team Blrt

From real estate agents who are looking to use Blrt to show off new properties, to life coaches who will use Blrt to get on the same page with their clients, many were impressed enough to purchase an annual Blrt Premium subscription on the spot. As Premium subscribers, they’ll enjoy longer Blrts, the use of more media in those Blrts, and access to the Blrt Web App.

CeBIT Australia 2016 Recap From Team Blrt

CeBIT Gala Dinner

Night two saw Team Blrt scrubbing up for the annual CeBIT Australia Gala Dinner and enjoying an (appropriate) amount of glitz and glam.

The team enjoyed a delicious meal and snazzy live music, not to mention the opportunity to mix and mingle with industry leaders and other CeBIT Australia exhibitors who were eager to share their successes and keen to hear about the goals Team Blrt have been likewise kicking.

The main events for the evening were the CeBIT Business Technology Awards and the 2016 Australian Government ICT Awards, both of which were inspiring in their own rights and lit a hotter creative fire within the team.

CeBIT Australia 2016 Recap From Team Blrt   CeBIT Australia 2016 Recap From Team Blrt


Day three of CeBIT Australia brought Pitchfest and a strong showing from Blrt Founder and CEO Anurag Chakradhar.

CeBIT Australia 2016 Recap From Team Blrt   CeBIT Australia 2016 Recap From Team Blrt
Blrt took out second prize in the Pitchfest off a strong presentation from Anurag, and the Blrt booth was immediately flooded with interested CeBIT attendees who were blown away by what they had seen in the pitch and were keen to learn more about how to make Blrt work in their own operations.

See you next year!

All in all, CeBIT Australia 2016 was wildly successful for Blrt. In addition to spreading our own gospel, it was nothing short of inspiring to see what other innovative minds are coming up with and to witness the overwhelmingly positive direction that the technology sector is heading in.

Did you meet us at CeBIT? We’d love to hear how you’re enjoying Blrt and see any photos you took during CeBIT Australia.

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