Chindogu: The Art Of Unuseless Invention

The signs of progress are all around us. New technologies appear daily. Hacks and tricks enable greater productivity. Devices are becoming smaller, faster, smarter. Blrt is reinventing collaboration. Life becomes better with each step forward.

There are those, however, who don’t see the appeal of the interminable march of progress and convenience. Those who long for a simpler, analog, more straightforward time. Those who aren’t afraid to wear a roll of toilet tissue on their head because it ensures easy access during bouts of hay fever. These brave souls are champions of chindogu: the Japanese art of creating practically useful tools that nobody actually asked for.

Chindogu: Unuseless Collaboration

The father of chidogu is Kenji Kawakami. Kawakami can be credited with creating over 700 chindogu and has published several books highlighting the best chindogu from inventors around the world. Chindogu is an art for Kawakami, the pleasure being in the creation rather than satisfaction with the end product itself. Some practice chindogu as therapy, others as a hobby.

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The spirit of chindogu has united thousands of inventors and collaborators across the globe. Many practice chindogu as therapy, others as a hobby. Some of the best chindogu combine existing tools in a novel but not altogether useful manner, while others are entirely original (yet equally “unuseless”).

This concept of designing an “unuseless” tool – one that is practically useful but that nobody would actually use – is built into the tenets of chindogu. If you invent something that actually gets used, you have not created chindogu. Chindogu can likewise not be patented or sold, yet they must actually be built. An idea for chindogu is not chindogu at all!

Our Favorite Chindogu

Thousands of chindogu are in unuseful existence today, but some are more unuseful (or just delightfully strange) than others. Here are some of our favorites at Blrt HQ:

Butter Stick

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For those who can’t be bothered to fetch a butter knife. The Butter Stick makes the uncomplicated task of buttering bread even simpler by taking a page out of lipstick’s book.

Chindogu: The Art Of The Unuseless

The Ultimate Umbrella

Have you ever thought that traditional umbrellas just don’t keep you dry enough? Grab the ultimate umbrella and stay dry from head to toe.

Chindogu: The Art Of The Unuseless

Umbrella Tie

The umbrella tie keeps your fashion on point and has your back when the clouds open. Click To Tweet

Those who live in Sydney and Melbourne will immediately see the utility of this invention. Not sure if it will rain and don’t want to lug around an umbrella on a punt that it will? The Umbrella Tie combines fashion and function to keep your hands free and your style on point.

Chindogu: The Art Of The Unuseless

Tie With Pockets

If you live in a drier (or more predictable) climate, leave the umbrella tie and your wallet at home. The tie with pockets keeps all of your cards, documents, and tools right at hand.

Chindogu: The Art Of The Unuseless

Live Dusters

Babies and pets spend a lot of time crawling and scampering around on the same floor that you spend a lot of time dusting. Put those floor-bound creatures to work with dusters on their onesies and paws!

Chindogu: The Art Of The Unuseless

Back Scratching Guide Shirt

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Team Blrt love a breakthrough in communication and this is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Gone are the days of guiding somebody kind enough to help you with an unreachable itch on your back with “to the left… lower… NO, THERE, GO BACK!” – simply put on this shirt (or more in line with the spirit of chindogu, just order several and always wear one) and point out the itchy spot on the grid!

Chindogu: The Art Of The Unuseless

About Blrt

Blrt helps you get your point across quickly by allowing you to talk, point and draw over images, documents and websites. The resulting video-like recording is called a Blrt.

Your Blrts require much less bandwidth than video and can be shared with anyone on mobile or desktop. This makes Blrt ideal for both collaboration and the creation and sharing of dynamic content, as public Blrts can be embedded into any webpage.

Once recorded, Blrts are stored in the cloud and are exchanged with others in a conversation-like fashion. A record is kept of the exchange, and new parties and media can be added at any time.

Blrt shifts time and place, allowing users in a conversation to participate in their own time. In an era where activity-based working and distributed teams are commonplace, Blrt is revolutionising the way people interact to get things done.

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