Unstoppables Day 1 – Punta Arenas

While thousands of Aussies celebrate Australia Day today, a group of over 100 Australian Entrepreneurs have reached Chile to embark upon the Unstoppables Expedition to Antarctica.

Blrt’s founder Anurag Chakradhar is one of these lucky entrepreneurs, sending Blrts of the day’s activities as they unravel. Day one has been filled with preparations, briefings and many introductions to the great entrepreneurial minds to be sharing the journey together. Departure for Antarctica is planned for Day 2 (weather permitting).

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Day 1 – Punta Arenas – Nat, Janek, Anu

It has arrived! The very first Blrt of the Unstoppables Antarctica journey, all the way from Chile. Blrt’s founder Anurag Chakradhar chats with Janek and Natalie from Urban Polo Association. They join over a hundred entrepreneurs to begin their Unstoppables Antarctica expedition on January 26th.

Like them, we can’t wait to experience this extraordinary journey. Since internet is exorbitantly expensive and unreliable in Antarctica, sending videos is out of the question. Luckily for us, the entrepreneurs can send video-like content at fraction of the bandwidth. Their Blrts will ensure that we don’t miss out on the adventure.

To find out more, visit  http://blrt.com/antarctica.

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Day 1 – Punta Arenas – coffee shop

Before they begin their journey on Australia Day 2015, introductions are made between Belinda of AAP, Christine of Chorus Executive, Luther of Koda Capital and Daniel of Black Sheep Capital.

Day 0 – Punta Arenas from Hotel Dreams

Want to know exactly where the Unstoppables are headed? Here Anurag shows us Punta Arenas on the map and where they’ll be headed in the coming days.

Day 1 – Punta Arenas Walkabout

Instead of making and sharing bandwidth-heavy videos, Anurag quickly sends an expressive Blrt of his first observations of Punta Arenas.

Day 1 – Punta Arenas murals

The streets of Punta Arenas are home to many intriguing murals, which Anurag observes with fascination.

Day 1 – Punta Arenas – gearing up for Antarctica

As the Unstoppables gear up for the Antarctica trip, the organisers continue to brief them in order to prepare for the ecologically protected, unpredictable and potentially life-threatening environment.

Day 1 – Punta Arenas – briefing on activities 

Very soon, just 15 Unstoppables will get the chance to kayak in the icy-cold waters nearby King George Island. Many of the explorers are anticipating using Blrt to share their rare experiences while on their journey with the rest of the world.

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Day 1 – Punta Arenas expedition briefing

The entrepreneurs have been briefed on the route they will take on their expedition ship, the Sea Explorer. There are a number of security measures to observe in order to remain safe in the expansive, unpredictable continent.

Day 1 – Punta Arenas – we can’t fly!

The Unstoppables have been momentarily stalled by erratic weather conditions prevailing at the King George Island airstrip where they were scheduled to land.

Day 1 – Punta Arenas dinner and good night

Bad weather doesn’t deter the Unstoppables from a little socialising. An elegant setting, fine food and breathtaking views made for a great start to their trip.

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