Unstoppables Day 2 – Punta Arenas

Today the Unstoppables were scheduled to fly out in the morning but the weather on King George Island was inclement, causing chartered flights to the island to remain grounded. Consequently the departure was delayed until the afternoon.

The afternoon came and went but the weather only got worse in Antarctica. The travellers stayed put in our hotel in Punta Arenas. Blrt founder Anurag is continually sending Blrts to keep us abreast of developments around their much anticipated departure. Watch any of the videos below, or for the real Blrt experience, easily watch any of the embedded Blrts themselves on any device.

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Day 2 – Punta Arenas Antarctica weather report

Anu observes some cheeky Unstoppable behaviour with Jason of AdPost Online, and reports on the conditions halting outgoing flights.

Day 2 – Punta Arenas visualisation session and Max

Unstoppables creative visualiser Max Frieder explains the team’s epic visual concept map exploring Unstoppables innovation. Watch the embedded Blrt to explore this visual in detail in your own time.

Day 2 Punta Arenas – waiting to see Antarctica

Christine Khor, while keeping busy in Chile with the rest of the entrepreneurs, finds time to explore the town with unstoppable company DC, Holly, Ann and Amy.

Unstoppables Puntas Arenas first Blrt

Education HiFy co-founder Mauricio Pucci is chuffed to be sending his first Blrt from Punta Arenas.

Day 2 – Puntas Arenas Lunch – Cesar and Matheos

Blrt founder Anurag welcomes Unstoppables Cesar and Matheos to the Blrt platform over lunch.


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