Graphic Designer Miriam Murphy: Blrt Power User

This week, we caught up with Miriam Murphy, one of Blrt’s earliest adopters. Miriam is a Graphic Designer and lives the jet-set life, spending six months of the year in Dublin, Ireland, and the other six in Sydney, Australia – the hometown of Blrt.

Graphic Design is a very portable career, so Miriam has clients in both places and she tells us that Blrt has become one of the most indispensable tools in her design arsenal. We asked her a few questions about how Blrt helps her be in two places at once.

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Q&A with graphic designer Miriam Murphy

Please tell us about a typical day in your life as a graphic designer.

Typically, I work on projects that are connected with the marketing of a product or a service, and they can range from designing a logo or a brochure right through to a website or the different screens of an app. Sometimes I work directly with a marketing team and for other projects I work with consultants such as advertising agencies.

My days are divided among tasks such as taking briefs from clients, researching, planning and experimenting with concepts, and putting designs together. After that, I have to develop rationales for my approach and then present my work to clients, most of the time across several versions.

What do you love about your job?

The way we communicate is constantly evolving, so the stream of new media to experiment with is endless and I’m constantly learning. Design appeals to both my creative side and my logical side, engaging every part of my brain, and I get to balance those elements when I respond to a brief.

It’s fascinating to see and hear clients react to designs that have been created based on my interpretation of their instructions and to be able to grow those relationships as we improve our understanding of each other’s thought process.

What are the challenges?

Great design is critical to the success of any piece of communication, but when there is a lack of clarity on objectives and approach, projects can bounce back and forth between me and my clients, racking up more versions than should be necessary to get to a finished product.

Other times, clients allow their personal tastes to influence their instructions and decisions on a project rather than adhering to the principles of good design, so I have to gently steer them back in a direction that I know will ensure they get a good result.

How long have you been using Blrt, and what appealed to you about it?

I have been using Blrt since it first came out, which I think is just over two years ago. As soon as I saw it, I realised that it had the potential to help me reach a better level of clarity and accord with my clients on any project that we’re working on.

At the beginning, the simple utility of being able to talk, point and draw over anything and then send it to someone no matter what time it was, was the main drawcard. As Blrt has evolved over time, features such as the web player and being able to initiate a Blrt from my computer have become really useful too, because my computer is so central to my work.

What problem does Blrt solve for you?

Blrt actually solves a lot of problems for me.

Firstly, it helps with the fact that I have clients in two time zones, so the previous challenge of scheduling meetings to present my work and to get feedback from my clients has been all but eliminated, because now we can just exchange Blrts, and it’s just like having a conversation.

Second, Blrt saves me a lot of time, because I no longer have to type up long emails to explain what I’ve done for a client – I simply talk over my designs.

Third, Blrt provides an easily accessible record of the exchange of client comments and new versions of artwork, all in one place, which both me and my clients can refer back to.

Fourth, more than just one person can be included in a conversation, so if there are multiple stakeholders, they can all be kept in the loop so they understand how and why the project is progressing as it is.

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How have your clients reacted to Blrt?

There are always different reactions from different parties when something new is on the table. Some of them were immediately on board, downloading the app and responding to my Blrts with Blrts of their own. Others are simply content to view my Blrts like they would a video, and then respond to me via email.

Overwhelmingly, they have seen the value of using Blrt and are supportive, so regardless of how engaged they are with Blrt, it is still a tool that helps me manage my workflow much more effectively.

What are your plans for Blrt?

I intend to continue to use Blrt for collaboration on projects with my clients, and to try and expand that use among as many of them as possible – that’s definite.

Another use of Blrt that I’m keen to explore is using it to help me present my portfolio to potential clients. I think Blrt would be a great medium for producing portfolio or instructional content on websites, for many types of professionals who want to add an extra dimension to the content or need to update regularly, by embedding a Blrt on their website. I see it as a little bit like wandering around an art gallery with those guided tour headsets. People visiting get much more meaning out of what they’re looking at when they have someone explaining it to them.

The Power of Blrt

Miriam’s use of Blrt is helping her live a life less ordinary, minimising the impact of distance and time zones on her client relationships as she moves back and forth between her two homes on opposite sides of the globe. She also uses it to great effect with clients just across town, to minimise the burden of old-fashioned communication mediums such as email and telephone on the design process.

But it’s not just the graphic design industry that can benefit from better communication via Blrt – there are applications in any area of design or construction, where two parties need to collaborate and improve their understanding of each other’s point of view to deliver a great product.

If you’re a graphic designer, an interior designer, an architect, or a project manager looking for collaboration tools to improve your work process, you can get started with Blrt today:

About Blrt

Blrt helps you get your point across quickly by allowing you to talk, point and draw over images, documents and websites. The resulting video-like recording is called a Blrt.

Your Blrts require much less bandwidth than video and can be shared with anyone on mobile or desktop. This makes Blrt ideal for both collaboration and the creation and sharing of dynamic content, as public Blrts can be embedded into any webpage.

Once recorded, Blrts are stored in the cloud and are exchanged with others in a conversation-like fashion. A record is kept of the exchange, and new parties and media can be added at any time.

Blrt shifts time and place, allowing users in a conversation to participate in their own time. In an era where activity-based working and distributed teams are commonplace, Blrt is revolutionising the way people interact to get things done.

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