How do you mark up a PDF quickly and easily?

So, you want to mark up a PDF?

Well, what if we told you that Blrt enables you to mark up a PDF, AND record your voice instructions while you’re doing it! Yep, we know it sounds awesome… and it totally is.

Even better is the fact that you don’t need to pay for expensive software, and you don’t have to spend hours learning how to use it – Blrt is free and you can just talk, point and draw directly over your PDF.

There are no messy little text boxes to deal with or retyping things. It really is the most simple way to mark up a PDF that you’ll ever find. As an added bonus, once you’ve finished, you can save it right there in Blrt and send the PDF you mark up to anyone via their mobile phone number or their email address.

How to mark up a PDF, step by step

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1. Download the Blrt app on your mobile device.

This can be an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. Blrt Basic is free to download and free to use.

After you download, go through the login process. You can download and sign up inside of three minutes.

2. Then it’s as simple as firing up the app and hitting the ‘New Blrt’ button at the top right hand side of the first screen you see.

This will take you to the screen where you can select the PDF that you want to mark up.

As you’ll see, it’s the second option on that screen.

3. Now you simply go to the location where that PDF is saved.

You can pick it up from an iOS location, your iCloud drive, your Dropbox, your Mail, or you can type in a URL if the PDF is available on a webpage.

Find the right folder, and the right file, and tap on it to select it.

4. As you can see, your PDF is added to your Blrt.

Just hit the create button, and you’ll be on your way to mark up a PDF

5. Now press the record button, and start talking, pointing, drawing and zooming.

You’re in the process of making your PDF mark-ups! Did you ever think it would be this simple to mark up a PDF?

6. Using the drawing tools to mark up a PDF

In Blrt, we have given you lots of drawing tools to mark up a PDF. There is the:

– Pencil tool
– Pointer tool
– Straight line tool
– Circle tool
– Rectangle tool

You can also change the thickness of these tools, and you can hide the drawing tools if you want to get them out of your way while you’re moving around the screen, zooming in on different parts and talking.

Your voice and your drawings and what you point at or zoom in on is captured just as though you’re recording a video. Don’t worry though, Blrts are much, much smaller files than videos.

7. Hit the save button and send your PDF to someone

If they’re expecting your feedback on something, they’ll be really pleased to see that you’ve decided to mark up a PDF using Blrt, because it’s the only to mark up a PDF using your voice as well as your drawings and gestures. There’s no way they’ll be left guessing about what you meant!

After you’ve hit ‘save’, you can add anyone to the conversation using their mobile phone number, or their email address.

If the person you’re sending it to isn’t on Blrt, they can either download the app, or they can watch your Blrt on any computer, using the Google Chrome browser.

Watch the Blrt PDF mark up tutorials

Want to see an example and instructions on how to mark up a PDF in a Blrt?

We have made a Blrt to show you how easy it is to use Blrt to mark up a PDF. Just hit play below.

We have also recorded an example of how to use Blrt to mark up a PDF, giving feedback to a graphic designer.

So what are you waiting for? See how easy it can be to mark up a PDF right now:

About Blrt

Blrt helps you get your point across quickly by allowing you to talk, point and draw over images, documents and websites. The resulting video-like recording is called a Blrt.

Your Blrts require much less bandwidth than video and can be shared with anyone on mobile or desktop. This makes Blrt ideal for both collaboration and the creation and sharing of dynamic content, as public Blrts can be embedded into any webpage.

Once recorded, Blrts are stored in the cloud and are exchanged with others in a conversation-like fashion. A record is kept of the exchange, and new parties and media can be added at any time.

Blrt shifts time and place, allowing users in a conversation to participate in their own time. In an era where activity-based working and distributed teams are commonplace, Blrt is revolutionising the way people interact to get things done.

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