How To Pack A Suitcase Like A Pro

Exploring new and exotic locations is always exciting and enlightening, which makes travel a cherished pastime for many people around the world. Experience collectors love the feeling of arriving in an unknown land and getting a little lost – not just because of the adventure to be had but also because it means the nightmare of actually getting there is over!

Travel – especially to international destinations – is complicated even when everything goes according to plan. There are hotel bookings, flight itineraries, visa applications, currency conversions, insurance arrangements – all before spending numerous hours on a plane. And squeezed in between all that legwork and actually stepping on the plane? That’s right: the dreaded packing of the suitcase.

Packing a suitcase is a balancing act that involves ensuring you have everything you need, none of it will break, and all of it comes in under the weight limit for baggage imposed by your airline. It’s a delicate dance, to be sure, so consider Team Blrt your ballet instructors for the day.

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How to pack a suitcase

Your journey begins with a Blrt highlighting the wikiHow article on efficiently packing a suitcase.

Write it down

Here’s a good way to frustrate yourself while packing: start throwing things into the cavernous void of your empty suitcase and then struggle to remember if you packed a certain something after you’ve meticulously arranged everything in a pattern you don’t want to disturb.

Avoid all of this by writing a checklist of what you need. If a blank sheet of paper intimidates you, start by using one or more of several tools available around the web to get you started.¬†Always consider your destination: have a look at the weather forecast and think about what activities you’ll be doing. You don’t want to arrive for an outdoor hiking adventure with only a tuxedo and a pair of thongs.

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Watch your suitcase’s figure

Balancing weight is a key consideration as it will help you stay organized and remember where things are packed. Keep heavier objects at the bottom of the suitcase as it stands (close to the wheels, if the suitcase has them) and get lighter as you move toward the top (where the handle is). Now you’ve also avoided that awkward moment when your suitcase won’t stop falling over while you’re trying to check in for your flight. Everybody always sees it happen and they will always judge you.

The roll vs. the fold

Whether to roll or fold your clothes is a critical decision. Rolling clothes helps prevents wrinkles and takes up less space in a suitcase, but this can also increase the overall weight of the case as everything will be packed more densely. Folding, on the other hand, takes up more space in the suitcase (handy sometimes if your case is bigger than you really need for shorter trips and you don’t want things shifting around). Tiebreaker: if your clothes are already folded, why fix what ain’t broke?

Discover secret compartments

Your bag may feature lots of secret zippered pouches and other hiding spots but you’ve also probably packed a few new ones. The inside of any shoes you’ve packed is valuable real estate inside a suitcase, so take full advantage (shoes can also protect smaller, more fragile items).

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The wrinkle-free zone

We might be overstating this, as wrinkles are pretty hard to avoid when dealing in suitcases, but keeping dress shirts and suit components at the top of your suitcase allows them to lie flat without any weight pressing wrinkles into the fabric. It also ensures they’re the first items out of the case when you arrive, which will remind you to touch them up with an iron if needed.

Socks and undies come last

We love comfy socks and undies as much as the next team of startup warriors, but they don’t get priority when it comes to packing. Rather, socks and undies get stuffed into any free spot inside the suitcase once you’ve finished packing everything else. You’re probably not worried about wrinkling them so shove ’em anywhere they’ll fit.

Don’t forget the accessories

We’re talking chargers (and adaptors for foreign plugs). There are few things more annoying than arriving at your destination and realizing you’ve left your chargers at home (spoiler alert: they’re not cheap to replace!). You might want to also consider packing a few plastic bags to help you seperate any worn clothing items (and shoes) from clean items on the return journey.

Our expert tip: pack a power strip in your carry-on luggage. Power points are valuable commodities in airports and other travel waiting areas, so you’ll be the most popular traveler when you produce bonus power points!

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Save the list

The most important thing to pack? The list itself! There’s no easier way to remember to pack everything for your return journey than to work off the same list you used to pack in the first place. Take this one step further and save a digital file like this customizable checklist from Lifehacker so you’re ahead of the game for your next trip.

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