How To Use GoGet – Australia’s Largest Carshare Service

If you’ve been considering signing up for a carshare service but are a bit unsure of how it all works, fear not! Today we’ll show you how to use GoGet, Australia’s largest carshare service.

Owning a car in Sydney is an expensive proposition. You’ll be liable for loan payments (or one massive payment up front!), registration, inspections, maintenance, parking expenses, and petrol – all for the privilege of participating in increasingly heavy traffic!

GoGet carshare offers an alternative. Members of GoGet are able to rent cars for as short a time as a half an hour and GoGet handle all of the annoying bits like upkeep and registration. For drivers who are tired of managing all of the above or those who only need a car occasionally, GoGet is an attractive option.

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Here’s how it works:

GoGet carshare has improved life in Sydney

The City of Sydney estimates that carshare services like GoGet have saved residents $21 million as of 2012, $18.5 million of which is from deferred car purchases alone. Their study also revealed less congestion in terms of traffic and parking, improved health as a result of increased walking and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The study also estimates that one carshare vehicle can replace up to 12 privately owned vehicles and only increase driving efficiency.

It’s hard to argue with statistics like this and the trend has only continued in the nearly three years since. In only four years the carshare member base has grown from 6,300 to over 26,000, representing 20% of city households.

GoGet themselves estimate that one GoGet car is shared between 23 members and that their members drive an average of 20% less after joining the service. This reduced driving represents a significant and positive environmental impact which is only further enhanced by the efficiency of the GoGet fleet. In addition to the fact that they provide a healthy selection of hybrid vehicles, no GoGet car is older than two model years. This means the entire fleet sports the latest improvements in mileage and efficiency. These are benefits that will only grow as membership in carshare programs like GoGet continues to increase.

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GoGet makes carshare easy

There’s no such thing as cheap car rental in Australia – especially in Sydney! – and rentals are typically priced at a daily rate and located in not altogether convenient locations for locals. GoGet has flipped this model on its head, offering short term rentals and placing thousands of cars in “pods” around Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Costs are calculated in different ways depending on your membership plan but everything is included – even the petrol.

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How to use GoGet

The easiest way to hire a GoGet is to use their mobile app. The GoGet app will detect your current location and show you a map of all the pods in your local area. GoGet have worked with councils around the cities in which they operate to designate exclusive parking for carshare services. This means you can not only find your car rather easily but also that you won’t have any difficulty finding a park when you’re done joyriding (Note: this term does not apply if you’re on the M4 during peak hour. There is no joy to be found there).

You can zoom in or out to get a more detailed look. Here’s a shot of the carshare options in Blrt’s neighbourhood:

The GoGet carshare app makes it easy to find a car near you.   The GoGet carshare app makes it easy to find a car near you.   The GoGet carshare app makes it easy to find a car near you.

I can see here what my walk to work this morning also revealed: there is a GoGet car directly in front of our building. The GoGet carshare fleet is made up of different makes and models including vans and utes but most of the suburban pods have a wagon of some sort. The app will show you make and model information, as well as the name of your car.

Today we’re taking a ride in Harriet the i30 Wagon. Selecting Harriet will show you when she’s available. You simply click on the time you would like to start your booking and select your finish time on the next screen.

The GoGet carshare app makes it easy to find and rent a car.   The GoGet carshare app makes it easy to find and rent a car.   The GoGet carshare app makes it easy to find and rent a car.

Harriet is one of the lucky GoGet cars that has her own parking space. All you need to access the car is your membership card, which you hold over the electronic device under the wind screen of the car. This unlocks (and locks) the car. You’ll find the keys inside, along with a fuel card you can use to fill up the tank if needed.

Use your GoGet carshare membership card to unlock your hired car.

And that’s all it takes – you’re off and GoGetting! Should you become the victim of circumstances your booking can easily be extended from within the app (pending availability). If you manage to work your way into a longer time frame that would be cheaper under a different rate, GoGet will automatically switch you to the cheaper option.

And don’t forget to be a good little GoGetter by tidying up your car when you’re done and ensuring that you’ve left at least a quarter of a tank of gas for the next GoGetter. Don’t be the guy who leaves the tank empty. Nobody likes that guy.

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