Introducing public Blrts

Hello, world! Says this first public Blrt. What you see right below this sentence isn’t just the first ever Blrt made public, it’s also the world’s first embedded Blrt.

Yes, you heard right. You can now make a single Blrt from any conversation public just by tapping the cog icon next to the Blrt and selecting ‘Make Blrt public’. Can’t see that option in your Blrt app? Update your iOS and Android app now.

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If you tap the link in the embedded Blrt above using an iPhone, iPad or iPod device, the Blrt will load and start playing in your Blrt app whether or not you’re logged in with a Blrt account.

Embedded Blrts also have a ‘dark’ theme for all you night crawlers…

… and a ‘vertical’ petite version (in light and dark themes).

So now you can make instructional Blrts, educational Blrts, entertaining Blrts, angry Blrts, travel Blrts, backyard Blrts and share them with everyone. Any new Blrt conversations you create start out as private and only people you invite are able to participate. Only one Blrt at a time can be made public and people can only make their own Blrt in a conversation public. If you’re a Premium user, you can disallow public Blrts altogether from conversations you create.

We’ve even created a WordPress plugin to make inserting Blrts in your WordPress pages and Posts super easy. Download the Blrt WP plugin here and start embedding Blrts like a pro. Once you have the plugin installed, all you have to do to embed a Blrt is to paste in its URL just like you can paste the URL of a YouTube video to embed it. For example, the URLs of the above three embedded examples are:





With the WordPress plugin installed, all we had to do to embed these Blrts above was to paste in the public link of the Blrts. If you don’t use WordPress, no worries – you can easily email yourself the embed code for any Blrt (public or private) right from the Blrt app. So what are you waiting for? Update your app now!

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