Lenovo installs adware onto its new computers

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One of the world’s largest PC manufacturers has recently evoked outrage from many of its customers due to a major security concern. There have been numerous reports of new Lenovo laptops coming with a pre-installed adware called Superfish. To find out more, we’ve made a public Blrt which you can view below.

Superfish is able to cause security vulnerabilities by accessing secure connections, monitor private data and utilising this information for advertising purposes. However, the capabilities of this adware don’t stop there. It has also been reported that Superfish is able to create its own SSL certificates to monitor data and inject advertisements. SSL certificates are generally created by trusted organisations that ensure your web browser is able to detect whether a website is legitimate or not. With Superfish possessing the ability act as an authority, security threats to someone’s private data are a high risk.

Lenovo’s response to this incident involves providing a tool to remove the adware. During its release, they stated that their Thinkpads, desktops, tablets and smartphones have not been affected.

However, online reviews and comments have already been criticising Lenovo’s actions. Security researcher Mark Rogers reflects, “it is quite possibly the single worst thing I have seen a manufacturer do to its customer base”, while many customers continue to express their disappointment on various online platforms.

There is no doubt that this incident is a solid blow to Lenovo’s brand reputation, from which the company may take quite some time to recover.

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