New Year Resolution Contest: Say It With A Blrt

Having recently provided enough motivation to see you through a year of keeping your resolutions, we were overcome by a fierce curiosity as to exactly what your resolutions might be. We at Blrt have our own:

Alex – Restore balance

  • Get better sleep
  • Work out more often
  • Take my relationship to the next level

Theo – Personal development

  • Read more (at least one book a month)
  • Finish writing the next Great American Novel
  • Be more modest about my incomparable intelligence and good looks

Dexter – Be a good boy

  • Reduce early morning barking
  • Further develop my puppy-dog eyes
  • Undertake regular grooming

Blrt New Year Resolution Contest

There’s no better way to start off the new year than winning a fun prize!

Voyager Legend HeadsetWe have a Voyager Legend mobile bluetooth headset up for grabs. It’s the perfect tool for those who take their resolutions seriously, freeing up your hands for all kinds of multitasking possibilities including but not limited to:

  • Making Team Blrt some cupcakes
  • Making Team Blrt some pancakes
  • Making Team Blrt some eye fillet (rare, please)

We probably shouldn’t blog when hungry.

How to enter

  • Drop in an image of what success looks like and use Blrt to zoom, point and draw while you talk us through you resolution in 30 seconds or less.
  • Make your Blrt public
  • Add [email protected] to the conversation
  • Begin coming up with things to do with your hands during phone calls (make us some cupcakes, maybe?)

Our distinguished international thinktank will convene after entries close (get in by the end of January 2016!) to determine the winning entry and the best of the best will be shared in a future blog post!

About Blrt

Our company-wide resolution is to enable better remote collaboration with simplicity and style.

The lost value of non-verbal communication has been one of the driving forces behind Blrt – we realised that the remote collaboration process desperately needed humanising, so Blrt was born to bring voice and gesture back to digital communication.

Blrt is a communications platform, with mobile and desktop interfaces. It enables people to get their point across quickly, by talking, pointing and drawing over images, documents and websites. The result is a video-like recording that can be shared with others, called a Blrt, that requires much less bandwidth than video.

Blrt recreates the way people communicate face-to-face, providing a better, more human method of working with others remotely. Once recorded, Blrts are stored in the cloud and are exchanged with others in a conversation-like fashion. A record is kept of the exchange, and new parties and media can be added at any time.

Blrt shifts time and place, allowing anyone, anywhere to participate in their own time, while maintaining conversational continuity and communication clarity by capturing hand gestures like pointing, zooming and drawing in sync with their voice. In an era where activity-based working and distributed teams are commonplace, Blrt will revolutionise the way people interact to get things done.

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