Quick Blrt tutorial: How to make a Blrt

Want to get started with Blrt? Play this quick Blrt tutorial and find out how exactly how easy it is to make a Blrt. This Blrt tutorial plays in under five minutes and it’ll get you cracking out Blrts like a pro.

Blrt is an amazingly useful tool, and it’s so simple to use! The only qualifications you need are a smartphone or a tablet and at least one finger.

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Once you’ve used Blrt for the first time, you’ll think of 101 uses for it. Some of our favourites are:

  • Present and explain your work
  • Brief someone on a task
  • Give feedback on something someone has created
  • Explain the details of images
  • Teach people a skill
  • Chat to friends and colleagues
  • Share your holiday snaps
  • Explain a job you want done to a tradie to get an accurate quote

If you can think of any other uses, get in touch and let us know! Just send us an email or a Blrt to the address at the end of the Blrt tutorial.

HIT PLAY on the Blrt below to view the tutorial! Happy blrting!

Hang on a minute!

Did we just try to get you to watch a Blrt tutorial on something you’ve never even heard of?  Let’s fix that….

Blrt is the perfect tool for fostering better collaboration and teamwork. Blrts can be created from websites, images or multi-page PDFs straight from your photo gallery, camera, email or Dropbox. Just select your documents, press record and start talking, zooming and drawing, even flipping pages as you need to.

Blrt’s operation is instinctual, and your multi-touch gestures are captured perfectly in sync with your voice, leaving no-one in any doubt about exactly what you mean. And while Blrts feel like videos, they’re not, so they use a fraction of the bandwidth, enabling them to be saved to the cloud, where they can be accessed from any device.

What’s more, you can send your Blrt to anyone. Recipients will see and hear exactly what you recorded. They can continue the dialogue and reply with their own audio-visual feedback, they can add documents, or they can just type a comment. The back and forth dialogue is saved, giving you a chronologically sequenced and permanently available thread of what has been agreed between all parties.

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