Sustainable Architect Marcos Prado: Blrt Power User

Marcos Prado is a sustainable architect on the move, both within his industry and around the world. The native Brazilian lives and works in Perth but is a frequent guest here at Blrt HQ in Sydney. His firm, Opus Prima, works with clients on both of Australia’s coasts, meaning Marcos needed a way to not only keep in touch with clients across three time zones but also keep in touch with both his team and family when he’s on the road. To this end, Blrt has made all of the difference for him.

We recently got him to stop long enough to answer a few questions about how he keeps it all together.

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Q&A with Marcos Prado

Please tell us about a typical day in your life as a sustainable architect.

It is a very busy world out there. My days are usually split between design workshops, site meetings, client liaising and also school drop-offs, homework tutoring, house duties and arts and crafts (my daughter’s favourite pastime).

I’ve got to tell you: Blrt helps me with all of that – it helps me fuse professional and family needs. It is tough being everywhere at once. Blrt allows me to keep the communication flowing with clients, consultants and contractors even from the comfort of my house while I’m caring for my precious ones.

Working from home is part of any architect’s life (it’s almost compulsory :)). Tools like Blrt not only help with minimising the time spent on lengthy emails overnight but also serve as a good kick start for the following day.

Balanced work and family make Blrt a win-win.

What do you love about your job?

I view the job of an architect as having two major commitments. The first is to our clients, of course, but the second is to the community at large. I have always believed in evergreen and sustainable design and as the principal architect at Opus Prima I’ve been able to guide our team toward these lofty goals with our designs. I’m very much a family man, so I value the opportunity I have to help mold the world that my children will grow up and into.

I also value the work-life balance that my career affords me. Tools like Blrt make it possible for me to work from the road and at home, freeing me up to spend more time with my children and share their passions.

What are the challenges?

Ease of communication is a primary challenge for us at Opus Prima. We have clients on the east and west coasts of Australia. The distance and time difference can make it difficult to pin clients down for a meeting and I spend a great deal of time travelling, making it difficult for my own team to get some “face time” with me. Travel also makes it difficult to stay in touch with my family but Blrt allows my children to hear my voice and see what I’ve been up to, even if time differences mean that we can’t talk on the phone.

Sustainable architect Marcos Prado at work in his Perth office.

Sustainable architect Marcos Prado at work in his Perth office.

How long have you been using Blrt, and what appealed to you about it?

I’ve been using Blrt since day one – I saw the potential immediately. Blrt essentially allows me to have an ongoing “meeting” with a client that each side can contribute to in our own time. If I send an updated drawing via Blrt at the end of our working day in Perth, the client may not see it until the next morning. With Blrt, they can reply without my needing to be “present” and I’ll see it when we start work. In days past this process involved setting appointments at times that might be inconvenient on one coast or the other – and hoping everybody could attend! Now the conversation continues without disruption.

Does Blrt solve any other problems for you?

When I’m on the road, I encounter the same timing difficulties with my team back in Perth. I value my role as a teacher and so I like to make myself as available as possible – Blrt lets me do that. Even if I’m in a meeting in Sydney, my team can Blrt me updated drafts of projects and I can reply in the app either via text or with a Blrt. Tone of voice and manner of speech count for a lot when mentoring a team, and Blrt has restored that to our remote communications.

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What are your plans for Blrt?

Blrt is coming into its own as a content platform, so the next step for me is to present elements of our online portfolio using Blrt. This will not only add a dynamic element to our site but will also give us the option to forward pieces of our portfolio to potential clients within the app. Giving a potential client the ability to page through and zoom in and out of elements of our portfolio on their mobile device will help us stand out even further from our competitors.

The power of Blrt for architects

Marcos uses Blrt to balance the hectic life of being a principal architect and a family man – no easy task!

Blrt makes it simple to correspond with both clients and family, even if you find yourself in another time zone. They can respond to your Blrt in their own time and enjoy the benefit of hearing your voice and seeing your gestures over photos and documents, even if you’ve already gone to sleep! You’ll see their reply as soon as you’re able and enjoy the same benefits.

If you’re an architect, graphic designer, interior designer, or a project manager looking for collaboration tools to improve your work process, you can get started with Blrt today:

About Blrt

Blrt is a communications platform, with mobile and desktop interfaces. It enables people to get their point across quickly, by talking, pointing and drawing over images, documents and websites. The result is a video-like recording that can be shared with others, called a Blrt, that requires much less bandwidth than video.

Blrt recreates the way people communicate face-to-face, providing a better, more human method of working with others remotely. Once recorded, Blrts are stored in the cloud and are exchanged with others in a conversation-like fashion. A record is kept of the exchange, and new parties and media can be added at any time.

Blrt shifts time and place, allowing anyone, anywhere to participate in their own time, while maintaining conversational continuity and communication clarity by capturing hand gestures like pointing, zooming and drawing in sync with their voice. In an era where activity-based working and distributed teams are commonplace, Blrt will revolutionise the way people interact to get things done.

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