Team Blrt’s Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas On A Budget

February is never really the flushest month of the year in annual budgeting terms. It’s not as bad as January’s post-Christmas spending hangover, but in Australia at least, poor old February definitely still suffers from the previous two-months’ high rolling summer fun. This makes it good to know that there are some shortcuts that can be taken on February 14, which is St Valentine’s Day – a day that you just don’t want to stuff up (if you know what’s good for you).

Team Blrt (well, most of Team Blrt) is populated with hopeless romantics, so this month we decided to engage in an act of public service and publish our top 10 Valentine’s Day ideas on a budget, thereby insuring against any heartache and hip-pocket ache, all at once. Read on, and give Cupid a run for his money in the romance stakes.

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Valentine’s Day ideas for any budget

Valentine’s Day Idea #1. Have a picnic

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas On A BudgetThere’s something inherently romantic about picnic blankets, so grab yours and spread it out in your favourite spot, whether it’s your lounge room, your local park, or somewhere scenic a little further afield.

For those who are challenged in the culinary stakes, a picnic is so easy to get right – you simply have to go to the deli section of your local supermarket, via the biscuit aisle. It’s also an idea that works on any budget, taking you from a box of Cheezels right through to a wedge of fancy Brie.

Valentine’s Day Idea #2. Make a home-cooked dinner

If you’re not the person who usually cooks dinner, this Valentine’s Day idea is a surefire winner.

Cooking something special for someone, even if you’re completely rubbish at cooking, is a gesture that says “I love you” right up at #10 on the volume dial. It should also be noted that eating said meal, even if the person who cooked it for you is completely rubbish at cooking, also says “I love you” in a very loud voice.

As an added bonus, candlelight makes everything look better – even a dodgy meal.

Valentine’s Day Idea #3. Take a trip to the art gallery

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas On A BudgetBuy a card with a painting on the front of it by your Valentine’s favourite artist, and invite them to visit the art gallery with you to see some art up close. Strolling hand in hand in a leisurely fashion while feasting your eyes on some truly great works of art is a way to relax and reconnect with one another as you step away from your day-to-day concerns and immerse yourself in the world of the artists.

You can then go home and apply what you’ve observed at the gallery by practising your life drawing skills, if you catch our drift.

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Valentine’s Day Idea #4. Stay in, and don some couple clothing

A lot of those well-meaning womens’ or mens’ magazines will advise you to go out and buy some sexy lingerie to help steam up your relationship, but the few too many slices of Christmas cake that you ate in December can make that all a bit intimidating, not to mention the fact that fancy undies are expensive!

We advocate a slightly different approach to dressing for romance that, at the very worst, will have you both giggling like teenagers. As the famous quote says: Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

Valentine’s Day Idea #5. Go out, and get physical

Now we know what you think you read here, but that’s not exactly what we meant (at least not at the outset).

What we were referring to is one of the growing trends in fitness – couples running – which involves jogging along routes that are planned for runners who keep pace side by side. If running’s not your thing, no matter what city you’re in there are countless planned walks to follow that take in the best of the local scenery or history.

If you’re more comfortable on the water, why not try kayaking or rowing? Hiring a human-powered vessel for an hour or two is a great way to create the feeling that you’re getting away from it all with your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day Idea #6. Write a poem or a love letter

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas On A BudgetIn the famous (and just a little cheesy) words of FR David, for some of us, words don’t come easy. So when you do make the effort to put into words your feelings of love or appreciation for your Valentine, they can be worth more than gold.

Try to resist heading to the Hallmark stand at your nearest newsagent, blindly grabbing something that’s filed in the ‘Husband’ or ‘Wife’ section and signing your name at the bottom of the printed greeting – that’s just too easy, and more often than not, it doesn’t represent your unique relationship.

If you really are struggling, try referring to the best lyrics from your Valentine’s favourite love songs.

Tip: Go Lior over Pantera.

Slightly steamier Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s Day Idea #7. Get wet

If you’re lucky enough to have a tub in your bathroom, a pool or spa in your back yard, or a beach or river close-by, why not peel off and plunge in? You could take a bath together and play hide and seek in the bubbles (with champagne of course) or you could go skinny-dipping by moonlight.

Our legal team would probably prefer that we inserted a lengthy disclaimer here about indulging in indecent exposure at your own peril, but we’re going to take a leap of faith and believe that you’re able to sprint faster than your local policeman, since you won’t be weighed down by all your clothes.

Valentine’s Day Idea #8. Practice your seduction skills

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas On A BudgetHere’s another somewhat saucy idea. Pick out a favourite glammed-up outfit for each other and then arrange to meet at a bar you’ve never been to before as though you’re going on a blind date with a stranger. Order a couple of fancy cocktails and indulge in some small talk that doesn’t involve the kids or the daily humdrum of domesticity, or pretend to be two completely different people with lives that are dramatically removed from the lives you’re currently living, and see what unfolds.

Wigs and other disguise elements can be introduced at your discretion. Underwear is optional too 😉

Valentine’s Day Idea #9. Give each other the zen treatment

For a minimal outlay, you can fill your bedroom with candles and buy a bottle of massage oil to indulge each other in a slow and relaxing massage. Don’t worry if your name’s not Sven and you don’t own a portable massage table – knowing each other’s ticklish spots is more important than expertise in massages of the romantic variety.

If you really do feel that you need some guidance before you embark on this little adventure, there are lots of instructional videos available on YouTube to advise you on good massage technique, but we advise against Googling ‘erotic massage’ at work to do some reading up before Valentine’s Day – especially if you haven’t muted your speakers first.

Valentine’s Day Idea #10. Hit the rewind button

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas On A BudgetRelive your turbulent, hormone-fuelled high school years by going out for a drive to your local Lover’s Lane, listening to your favourite love songs playlist (or a mixtape or CD if you’re going super-retro), and getting hot and steamy in the backseat.

Tip for parents: This one works out better if you take out the baby capsules and booster seats first.

Your Valentine’s Day ideas

Well, that’s a Valentine’s Day ideas wrap, fellow hopeless (but no longer helpless) romantics. The rest is up to you. As always, we’d love to hear how you went, via Blrt of course, so hit us up with a Blrt by adding [email protected] to the conversation and tell us all about the adventures of February 14th. We’re all over 18, but you should probably avoid sending us any photos of ideas 7, 8, 9 or 10. We’d prefer to use our imaginations.

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