Team Blrt’s Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Life is short (but sweet, for certain) but the world is large. Members of Team Blrt come from all corners of the globe (we even have a world map on the wall that pins all of our respective motherlands) but Australia isn’t our final destination. No, our travel bucket list is far more ambitious than that.

Today we bring you the (abridged) list of those destinations we’d most like to visit before we die, which we’ve also charted on this handy map.

Once you’ve clicked around the map (it’s addictive, we know), read on for those destinations that rank the highest on our team travel bucket list.

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Our travel bucket list

All 30 Major League Baseball stadiums (USA)

There is truly no better way to experience the American Experiment than to hop in a car and road-trip across the country. Aiming to visit each of the 30 Major League Baseball stadiums will take you to each corner of the USA.

You’ll see evergreen forests, prairie, gentle mountains, rockier mountains, swamps and deserts. Each ballpark has flourishes that speak to the local culture, from the architecture down to the food on offer (the voice of experience says you can’t leave Pittsburgh’s PNC Park without trying a Primanti Bros. sandwich).

The trickiest part, of course, is charting a course that will find you in each city at the same time the local team is playing at home. Fortunately, tools like this one at Slate make that planning at least somewhat easier (although you’ll have to be wary of the drastic backtracking it sometimes recommends).


Travel Bucket ListWhen speaking of lifelong travel ambitions, it’s often easy to overlook those destinations that are right in your own backyard. Uluru is one such example, being oh-so-close yet still quite far away.

A visit to Uluru is that and only that: a visit to Uluru. It’s not ‘on the way’ to anywhere else nor is it a day trip from anywhere else you’re likely to be visiting. A few hotels are dotted around the massive rock in the middle of the Australian outback but that’s all there is to do there: sleep, eat, and take in the natural beauty. It is the ultimate bucket list ‘destination’.

Culturally there’s more to it than that, of course. Uluru is a sacred site for Australia’s aboriginal peoples, so it is best approached with due reverence. Guided tours are available that will enlighten you to the many meanings associated with this surreal wonder.

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(The South of) France

The South of France has much to offer: warm weather, fascinating history and glamorous architecture. Half the fun represented here is the unspoken prelude of an arrival in Paris and subsequent train journey through the beautiful countryside of rural France so this ambition is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

We at Blrt don’t do anything in halves so this particular ambition has something of a sub-fantasy: to arrive at the Festival de Cannes aboard a not-small yacht.

What can we say? We like to make an entrance.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands appears to drip culture in the form of art, architecture (that spans both classic and contemporary), picturesque countryside (covered in tulips and punctuated with windmills), music and food. One can get lost in the vice of Amsterdam or the art galleries of Amsterdam – and all in the same day, if desired.

The Blrt ambition is to traverse the country’s many dikes and take in those fields of tulips and windmills on bicycle. Vermeer is also a huge draw, and his hometown of Delft makes our list.


Travel Bucket ListJapan appears on no single travel bucket list here at Blrt HQ – it appears on three, and for three different reasons.

One team member studied Japanese for three years in high school and two at university yet has never had the opportunity to visit the country and put her skills to the test.

Another is all about both the classic and contemporary culture, as well as the cuisine and serene scenery. Mount Fuji is a specific must-see, as is Fushimi Inari Taisha and intentionally getting lost on the chaotic public transport system.


Rio de Janeiro also appears on multiple lists. Rio Carnival is the main attraction (our CEO got to experience it this year, creating much envy) but this year’s Olympic Games are also of interest.

In the meantime, the more festive among us will have to stick to twerking along with YouTube videos of Carnivals gone by.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu will appear on many lists within and without our offices. The ancient Incan settlement in Peru promises both history and stunning natural beauty, being situated more than a mile above sea level. Being there is akin to being transported to another time.

Angkor Wat

Travel Bucket ListThis monumental, erm, monument is truly a wonder – being the Earthly (and Hindu) embodiment of heaven.

It has been in continuous use since it was built and is now a source of intense national pride among Cambodians. No visit is complete without a look inside the temple itself as well as an exploration of the surrounding area.


This one is far from a cheap trip, yet it’s still another that appears on many a travel bucket list here at Blrt HQ. This mutual ambition is primarily fuelled by the steady stream of updates we enjoyed when our founder and CEO Anurag trekked to Anatarctica with The Unstoppables last year for an epically scenic think tank.

You’ll need a little help – and a heavy coat or three – but it’s worth it to visit one of the last “untouched” places on Earth.

Click here to see all of the updates from Anurag’s Antarctic expedition (warning: it will result in the addition of Antarctica to your own bucket list).

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Scotland/Scottish Highlands

The natural beauty of this area is the chief reason it appears on this list but there’s no shortage of history here, either.

The landscape is dotted with ancient castles and misty wonder, making it especially attractive to those who like a quiet hike through a serene and picturesque countryside.


Travel Bucket ListHampi is a land of ruins and boulders that envelops visitors in a tranquil embrace that rewards the reflection brought about by a slower pace. All the comforts of travel can be found here but the real treasure is in wandering the alien landscape and immersing yourself in the local culture.


Dubai – a modern oasis in a desert landscape – also appears on multiple lists at Blrt HQ.

The world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa – is here, standing 828 metres tall and sporting the world’s highest open-air observation deck (for those with no fear of heights).

One of the world’s most stunning hotels (awarded seven stars by several ratings groups) – Burj Al Arab – is here. Maybe you’ve seen an F1 race car turning donuts on their helipad?

Dubai is a town built for luxury so while it’s far from cheap, it would make for a memorable stay.


Thailand is another locale that offers both history and scenery. Temples are nestled among the mountains and rainforests, while beautiful beaches offer a different pace still.

Of course, you also can’t look past delicious Thai food!

The Moon

We wouldn’t be capable of reinventing collaboration if we weren’t willing to think outside of the square. Why, then, should we confine our travel bucket list to this planet?

It’s not unreasonable to think that lunar tourism is a possibility in our lifetime but why stop there? We recently wrote about Elon Musk and SpaceX, who would like to make it possible for humans to colonize Mars and other planets beyond. Granted, that will likely be a one-way trip when it ultimately does happen but who cares? The unspoken notion behind a list such as this is that no vacation is ever long enough.

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