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When a large number of team members share a Twitter account, it usually involves sharing a password which could potentially become a high security risk. So what has Twitter come up with to solve this problem? We’ve made a public Blrt review on TweetDeck Teams so you can learn all about it.

TweetDeck Teams provides a simpler solution to managing shared accounts where members can access it using their own Twitter accounts. They’ll be able to tweet, build lists, schedule tweets and follow or unfollow.

TweetDeck Teams allows members to access shared accounts using their own Twitter accounts Click To Tweet

TweetDeck Teams also provide a feature where you can assign your members two different types of roles:

  • Admin – this role allows people to sign into TweetDeck with their personal account. They are able to add or remove team members and view the team.
  • Contributor – when assigned this role, these people can Tweet and act under the shared account when they are part of the team. However, they will not be able to view, add or remove team members.

This will definitely make things easier for larger companies and organisations as admins can have more control over a team member’s accessibility and actions. TweetDeck Teams is a fairly new tool so it’s only available on the TweetDeck web app in Windows and Chrome browsers. There’s also another catch – admins and contributors need to login to TweetDeck in order to be able to use the tool.

TweetDeck Teams could potentially attract larger organisations to join Twitter and help those already using the platform.

If you would like a more in depth review, check out the public Blrt above to learn all about it.

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