Unstoppables Day 4 – Antarctica

The expeditioners rose today to more briefings, Unstoppables networking and thought leadership sessions. They then split into two groups and alternated activities between a zodiac cruise and a hike on mainland Antarctica. The surrounds were mesmerising and Anurag captured some stunning photos of beautiful icebergs and wildlife. Some people encountered penguins as they traversed a hillside. Anurag didn’t spot any thus far, but did get quite close to some very impressive fur seals and blue eyed shags.

Back on the ship they had another networking session. As Anurag is one of the 16 people signed up for kayaking, they then had a special kayak safety and equipment training briefing. They will be wearing 5 layers of clothing on the kayak.

At some point in the dead of night, the ship passed through an exceptionally beautiful ice corridor. Massive icebergs rose to either side while smaller ones littered the waters around them. Anurag went up to the bridge and saw the captain and his crew intently focussed on their radar screens and maps, searching out ahead through binoculars. And for the icing on the ‘iceberg’, there were also a number of whales to be seen. It was a magical moment.

The expedition continues to take them further south, and they are expected to cross over the Antarctic circle over the next two days, where more prolific wildlife is expected.


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Day 4 – Charlotte’s Bay

Blrt founder Anurag sends the first Blrt ever from the Antarctic mainland. Breathtaking, awe-inspiring scenery.

Day 4 – Antarctica dinner with Kim, Andrea, Ana

An incredible experience on the mainland is followed by dinner with journalist Kim from the West Australian in Perth, accountant Andrea from the Gold Coast, and Unstoppables team member Anna.


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