Unstoppables Day 5 – Antarctica

There were two outdoor sessions scheduled for day 5: two hours kayaking and two hours zodiac cruising. However their plans were impeded by stormy weather and gale force winds, so the day was spent mainly networking aboard ship.

Then there was a special moment for all on board. The Sea Adventurer crossed the latitude of 66 degrees, 33 minutes 49 seconds, to enter the Antarctic polar circle. A customary polar circle crossing ceremony was observed by the expedition crew. There was a countdown on the PA system as they approached the imaginary line, and then the ship blew its horn three times in the vast open ocean. It was stormy and windy but all 111 Unstoppables were out on the lower deck, and then the back deck, for a good half hour as the celebrations continued.

The expedition crew suddenly emerged dressed as strange ocean creatures and King Neptune emerged with his wife. They poured icy water on everyone’s head one by one, and made them kiss an icy fish. Champagne and dinner followed, to top off another fantastic day.

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