Unstoppables Day 7 – Antarctica

Today is another jam-packed day full of activities for the entrepreneurs in Antarctica. Catch these latest Blrts from DC Cordova on the stunning sensory environment.

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Day 7 – Antarctica Sea Adventurer ship deck

The entrepreneurs are all on-deck, and Anurag and a fellow Unstoppable are enjoying the (damp) outdoors and beautiful environment while they head to a remote British Antarctic base.


Day 7 – I fell in love in Antarctica!

DC Cordova expresses her reaction to the natural landscape as the Unstoppables continue deeper into the Antarctic.


Day 7 – First message from Antartica

DC Cordova, CEO of Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You, is excited to be sharing her first Blrt from Antartica about the stimulating social and external environment she has been experiencing on the expedition.

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