Unstoppables Day 9 – Antarctica

As the Unstoppable naval Antarctic explorers near the end of their journey, exposure to staggering natural beauty continues without relent. Share some of the sights with them in today’s Blrts, and learn a thing or two about how to make the most of the continent’s surroundings.

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Day 9 – Frozen continent, Part 3 – What to do with black ice

Finally, Janek shows us the only thing to be done with ancient black ice.


Day 9 – Frozen continent, Part 2 – Black ice

This second Blrt in Janek’s three-part series examines the composition of regular ice compared to what is known as ‘black ice’.

Day 9 – Frozen continent, Part 1

Janek, founder of Polo in the City, anticipates the thrills and chills ahead on their unpredictable Antarctic journey.


Day 9 – Antarctic volcano

Another Blrt from Julian in Telefon Bay, focusing in and out of the strange ethereal landscape formed by stunning contrasts of snow and volcanic ash.


Day 9 – Entrepreneurs on ice

Julian, founder of Shine, tells us exactly how to keep warm down in the most southern place on earth, and introduces Sarah Nulty from Queensland.

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