How to give website development feedback

Website development feedback is a tricky topic.  Best practice standards are agreed upon as the ideal way to handle situations that arise while developing, however, these standards are not without challenges of their own- and sometimes, even when adhering to them stringently, they let you down.

Best Practice Tip: Use multi-media presentations to annotate, detail and explain your website development feedback.

Images, drawings and screenshots make simple work of the visual aspects of the website and written communication ensures clarity of thought throughout the debriefing process.
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However, this is not without difficulty. Arranging your notes in a clear, methodical way using pictures, videos, PDF links and text is cumbersome and debriefing using multiple multimedia files can be misunderstood. Simply deciding on how much content to share at each testing stage can interfere with development as large file sizes are impossible to view from mobile devices, take ages to download on slow internet connections and can be infuriating to deal with.

Best Practice Tip: Clarity Reigns

Communicating is easy. Communicating with clarity is much more difficult. In order for your notes and suggestions to be understood by the rest of your team, there needs to be a clear priority and purpose to your message without distracting visual clutter or noise. The litmus test for clear communication can get fuzzy – and one simple comment can be misunderstood and require multiple emails back and forth to clear it up.

Best Practice Tip: Streamline communication styles

Get together any assortment of different individuals and you’ll receive an amalgamation of different creative views, preferences, and communication styles. In order for the project to continue with minimal interruptions, collaborating professionals must come to an agreed upon method of communication. While challenging, streamlining communication styles will ensure that the unique ideas from the diverse group can be recognised and understood by each party in the collaboration. This process is made extra tough by time zones and geographical differences can make connecting difficult.

A clearer way to communicate with web professionals

New to the Apple iOS app store, Blrt is revolutionising the way that web professionals collaborate on websites and projects. Instead of screenshots in PDFs  and  sending emails back and forth (and back and forth), Blrt connects websites to their designers, developers, producers and clients in  an easily accessible way. Now you can offer:

  • website development feedback,
  • design, html or css feedback; and
  • cross browser & mobile testing

to your distributed teams through a free app right on your mobile device!

Communicate faster and collaborate more effectively than ever before.

Blrt is a revolutionary mobile app that is changing the way that professionals communicate. We’re talking about a free, easy-to-use app that combines the communicative power of meetings, phone calls and emails while removing the limitations of old-school communication.

Instead of marking up PDF files and then sending super long emails describing the markups, you simply talk while looking at the  web page, drawing , zooming and pointing at areas, while Blrt records all your gestures fully in sync with your voice.

Blrt delivers with these 5 key features and functionalities that will work to get your point across.

  • Your voice and gestures are recorded: Simply talk and  draw over any webpage and express yourself like never before.
  • Multiple site pages can be referenced and included in one Blrt conversation. Data is provided on long scrolling pages or automatically sliced into multiples pages depending on your preferences.
  • Interact with other Blrt users with  both voice and visuals  and get everyone on the same page so that your project can stay on track without a headache
  • So much better than video conferencing: Interact with the team as if you are all in the same room, but without needing to be available at the same time.
  • Bandwidth responsible: Blrts are 50x smaller than standard videos making them more efficient than video conferences and screen-capture videos. Additionally, Blrt Replies, or references back to previous annotations, use the already downloaded file. There’s no need to upload the media more than once to a conversation.

Professionals who use Blrt for their website feedback find that they:

  • Save time lost on feedback back and forths
  • Reduce revenue lost by agencies due to ‘scope creep’
  • Experience greater diversity as teams are increasingly distributed across geographies  and time timezones

Blrt is set to become the new standard for distributed teams to collaborate with clarity and according to best practice standards.

But don’t take our word for it.

Try making a Blrt on a website now.

Download Blrt free from the Apple App Store or visit for more information about how one simple app can improve your feedback method instantly.

About Blrt

Blrt is the perfect tool for fostering better communication, collaboration and teamwork. Blrts can be created from websites, images or multi-page PDFs straight from your photo gallery, camera, email or Dropbox. Just select your documents, press record and start talking, zooming and drawing, even flipping pages as you need to.

Blrt’s operation is instinctual, and your multi-touch gestures are captured perfectly in sync with your voice, leaving no-one in any doubt about exactly what you mean. And while Blrts feel like videos, they’re not, so they use a fraction of the bandwidth, enabling them to be saved to the cloud, where they can be accessed from any device.

What’s more, you can send your Blrt to anyone. Recipients will see and hear exactly what you recorded. They can continue the dialogue and reply with their own audio-visual feedback, they can add documents, or they can just type a comment. The back and forth dialogue is saved, giving you a chronologically sequenced and permanently available thread of what has been agreed between all parties.

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