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Ugh. Valentine’s Day.

The worst thing about it being the 3rd of February is that it’s only 11 days until one of the most emotionally awkward days on the calendar: St Valentine’s Day. While I am a complete Christmas aficionado year in, year out, I would cheerfully stab Cupid through the pinky toe with one of his own arrows if it meant that I would never have to endure another February 14th.

You could say I’m very Action Orientated.

I’m also very into Knowing Who To Blame, so this year, I turned to Wikipedia to find out who the blazes could have been behind Valentine’s Day – such a diabolical test on the mettle of a relationship.

The problems(s) with Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is mostly Esther’s fault

As it turns out, a bunch of mouldy old Christian martyrs were somewhat responsible for putting St Valentine’s Day onto the calendar, but it was the poet Chaucer who first associated the notion of romantic love with February 14th, and it was an American woman called Esther Howland who decided that the torture should be escalated to a global and commercial scale.

Someone in England once sent her a handmade Valentine’s Day greeting and she was quite taken with the concept. Through her father’s printing company, she began mass-producing valentines of embossed paper lace, and so it came to pass in February 1847 that relationships across the western world fell under heavy fire, all due to the dilemma of whether or not one should send Person X a Valentine’s Day card.

My problem with Valentine’s Day is mostly Terry’s fault

My discomfort around February 14 began in Year 1 at school, when I gave Terry Simpson, the subject of my romantic intentions, a hand drawn Valentine’s Day card. Not only did he not return the gesture, he actually whipped out of his school bag a card that he’d made himself and handed it to Lyndal Brown, my hitherto best friend.

Thus began a lifetime of anxiety attached to the sending and receiving of Valentine’s Day cards. Even now, I find the process of selecting one quite disconcerting, regardless of the fact that I’m married with two children. I blame Terry.

And Esther, Chaucer and St Valentine, of course.

Why not send a Valentine’s Day Blrt?

Luckily for me, and you too, sending a Valentine’s Day greeting doesn’t need to be quite so agonising anymore, because we can send a Blrt instead. What could be more romantic than uploading a couple of photos of you and your beloved and recording your voice and gestures as you interact with the photos?

Enter our Valentine’s Day contest

Win $A100 in our Valentine’s Day Contest

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, Team Blrt is giving away $A100 towards a romantic dinner for two. If you’d like a chance to win our Valentine’s Day Contest, simply send us a 60-seconds or less Blrt to [email protected] with a picture of the person you love most in the world, and tell us how you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with them.
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Update: Entries are now closed.

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