• The closest thing to face to face feedback

  • Clear communication leads to better outcomes

  • Collaborate with colleagues in your own time

Blrt Use Cases

Seek guidance anytime

Float ideas and ask questions of your lecturer without having to book a time or be in the same place.

Get clarity, quickly

Blrt enables educators to quickly and easily offer rich and collaborative feedback to students on their submitted work. The speed and clarity benefits everyone.

Work better together

Blrt enables students to collaborate on assignments, ensuring that all group members can participate in rich and collaborative exchanges of opinions and ideas, in their own time, from wherever they happen to be.

Blrt solves many communication problems

Blrt’s ability to help you collaborate quickly and clearly without a face to face meeting will transform the way you work with others to get things done.

Do more, with less

Blrt will help you communicate more clearly and quickly, with more people, using much less time and effort than would normally be needed.

The simple user interface allows you to select documents and record your thoughts just by speaking and drawing. You can then send that audio-visual recording to one or many. This can be done in moments from your computer or mobile device.

No phone calls. No lengthy emails. Just clear and efficient communication to one person or many, from any location, at a time that suits you.

Education pricing includes significant discounts. Please get in touch to request pricing.

What is Blrt?

Blrt enables you to talk, point and draw over images, documents and websites

You interact with the page using your hands and voice to record and share your thoughts with others

It’s just like a conversation, without needing to be available at the same time

Blrt is so quick and easy to use

  1. Fire up Blrt on a mobile device or computer, and select documents and images with a few clicks
  2. Simply hit record and start talking, pointing and drawing over the media to convey your thoughts
  3. Send the Blrt recording to recipients via email or mobile number

What people say about Blrt

  • "Using Blrt to communicate with my team for group assignments has saved us hours of face to face meetings."

    Steve Jocum
    Steve JocumUniversity Student
  • "Blrt is the best tool for communicating with students in a way that previously could only be achieved in the classroom. "

    Tanya Tims
    Tanya TimsTeacher